Classwear and Costumes

We are transitioning to yearly rental of all non-leotard costume pieces. Students who currently own a wrap skirt will continue to own them, but anyone who needs a new wrap skirt or dress this year will pay a rental fee for that dress. This will not be paid until January 2022. Leotards should be purchased independently this fall in time for the Holiday Performance.

You are responsible for purchasing and maintaining your own leotard, tights, poodle socks, and kick pants (modesty shorts) as well as classwear and shoes. Sources for all of these are listed and linked below.



Beginners are allowed to wear black ballet flats, found at any dance supply store and sometimes at department or chain stores. Do NOT buy the black "ballet slippers" at WalMart.

Ghillies and hardshoes can be bought new at Ballinvilla or Keily's -- do NOT size down for children's shoes. You can also sometimes find them used on Craigslist and Poshmark, or try joining a Facebook group for dancewear resale like Irish Dance Sale Rack. Limited shoes are also available for sale at the studio, please contact Mrs. McAvoy. 


Students are required to wear white "turnout" socks to class to help them with their foot placement. These will be available for purchase at the studio. 

Students also need at least one pair of regular poodle socks for performances. Please purchase "championship length" white poodle socks without embellishment. 

Sources: Keily's

Amazon (these are "stay-ups" which are helpful!) 

Dancers will also need to own opaque black tights like these ones.


All dancers must buy and maintain their own leotards. This year everyone needs to be in a longsleeved mock-turtleneck leotard from Capezio. Beginners and Intermediates need to be in a WHITE leotard; Novice and Advanced need to be in a BLACK leotard. 

These can be found on many dancewear sites such as Capezio,  Discount Dance, and Amazon. I'd recommend the snap closure for little ones. These leotards run small and are sized for ballerinas so order up for comfort and to have room to grow. I don't need them skintight, they should look more like a fitted tee.

Class Dress Code

Beginning in the Fall of 2021 all dancers except Jump'n Jig and Adult classes are required to follow a dress code for classes. This means: BTID tee or tank top in black or green; black leggings or shorts; white "turnout" socks, and dance shoes. Long hair should be up in a ponytail. As of this publishing date, masks are required for all non-vaccinated students. 

Class tees, cinch bags, and other BTID apparel is available from our Sawyer's shop until September 5th!